To Craft a Sole

Actually, this title is misleading because I don’t technically craft the sole – I outsource the sole and craft everything else but that makes for a less dreamy title. My hope is that the current title has enough ambiguity to fit a variety of topics relating to shoe-making and life. I hope I can keep you from closing the tab and going to Netflix.

First of all, thanks for reading! This blog will not only update you on the journey, it will also be about shoe-cobbling, lessons I’ve learned about life from it, and some of the entertaining stories and amazing people I’ve met over the past 5 years chasing this dream. There will be some deep feels (maybe) and, of course, plenty of bespoke jokes (If you don’t know those terms, you will soon – if you read the blog). And there may also be grammatical errors (I have a comma issue).

Sole: Taking a shortcut by using a rotary tool to sand away excess leather.

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