Handmade in Italy

Filipi shoes are handcrafted from beginning to end in Italy.  They are designed with the Italian spirit of romance and built with age-old techniques to ensure quality and durability. Each pair of Filipi Shoes is made with love by artisans who are passionate about bespoke shoes.  


Every detail is important to us and because our operation is family-owned, we are able to work closely with our brides to provide customized details including handmade beadwork, embroidery, lace, and even heel-height.

Custom Details


Your wedding day is unique and sentimental to you. Every detail down to your shoes should be your own! Each model of shoe we

carry was designed with customization in mind. We can customize many features including lace, beading, straps and even heel-height. If you have a special project, let us know and we can take a look together about what is possible for your shoes. 

Comfort & Care

Designed with comfort in mind, our shoes are made using materials gentle on the foot, such as breathable mesh and genuine leather. We use high-quality insoles that provide a soft cushioned feel for all-day wearability.